Furnished Houses For Rent In Merida Mexico

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Overview of Furnished Houses for Rent in Merida Mexico

Luxury awaits you in Merida, Mexico! Find your perfect home away from home with a plethora of furnished rentals. Elegant haciendas, cozy colonial homes, and more – all reasonably priced and fully-furnished with amenities for your every need. From private pools to lush gardens, you’ll feel right at home.

Many properties are located in the city’s historic district, but there are also lovely neighborhoods nearby. Merida has reliable and affordable transportation, giving you easy access to nearby attractions like beaches, museums, and natural reserves. Plus, the eco-friendly city offers lots of clean air and picturesque green spaces.

Property managers or hosts give you personal attention to ensure your stay is comfortable. Flexible booking options allow for monthly, weekly, or shorter stays. Plus, many rentals have self-catering facilities if you’d prefer to cook your own meals.

Prioritize location based on what you want and you’ll find the perfect vacation rental experience in Merida – without breaking the bank! Live like royalty with these fully-furnished houses for rent – just don’t forget to bring your own crown!

Features of Furnished Houses for Rent in Merida Mexico

To explore the features of furnished houses for rent in Merida Mexico with a focus on the availability of furniture and appliances, utilities and services included in rent, location and accessibility, and security and safety measures. Gain insights into what makes these furnished properties stand out from unfurnished properties and how they can meet your needs.

Availability of furniture and appliances

Furnished properties are different from unfurnished ones. These properties are called “furnished houses for rent”. They provide furniture and appliances to tenants. Here, we’ll talk about the features of these types of homes.

  1. Furnished houses for rent in Merida, Mexico come with stylish and comfortable furniture like beds, sofas and tables. This saves tenants from the hassle of moving furniture from one house to the other.
  2. These rentals come with necessary appliances like refrigerators, ovens, stoves and microwaves. Plus, they have in-home laundry machines that make daily life easier.
  3. Lastly, some furnished houses offer premium amenities like fitness centres, swimming pools or game rooms. This elevates the tenant’s standard of living.

Living in a furnished home is convenient. Tenants don’t need to buy furniture or waste resources. Plus, they get premium comfort. That’s why it’s great for those who are renting temporarily or traveling frequently.

Utilities and services included in the rent

Searching for a house in Merida? Consider the utilities and services included! This might vary from property to property, depending on owner or agreement. Here are five points to bear in mind:

  • Electricity bills?
  • Water supply?
  • Gardening maintenance?
  • Junk disposal?
  • Internet connectivity?

Schedule a viewing for more details! Pool access, garage availability, cable TV, and gym amenities are all worth looking into. Some landlords offer extra services – like cleaning or laundry – at an extra cost.

Location and accessibility

Merida offers furnished houses for rent in convenient, accessible areas. You can get there by private cars, public transport, or bikes. Plus, primary roads and highways make it easy to reach the city centre. These rentals are close to amenities like hospitals, schools, and supermarkets. Plus, private parking spaces are often included. Many homes have pedestrian-friendly zones, too.

In 2020, Merida was voted the best city in Mexico and Central America! Don’t worry about security; it’s tighter than a sumo wrestler wearing skinny jeans.

Security and safety measures

Safety & security is essential in Furnished Houses for Rent in Merida Mexico. Advanced tech, cameras, high-security locks & fire prevention systems are all installed. Some houses even offer extra protection like a gated community & 24-hr security personnel. Plus, the location is also key – furnished houses are located in safe neighborhoods with hospitals & police nearby.

Residents can live worry-free – each house is designed with their safety in mind. Don’t miss your chance to experience a safe environment in this marvellous city! Get in touch today to book a furnished house for rent – why buy a house when you can rent & still have money for guacamole?

Costs of Furnished Houses for Rent in Merida Mexico

To understand the costs associated with renting a furnished house in Merida, you need to know more about the rent payment process and deposit requirements. Additionally, there may be other fees and charges to consider that can impact the overall cost of your rental. In order to make an informed decision about renting a furnished house, it’s important to have a clear understanding of these two sub-sections.

Rent payment and deposit

Renting a furnished house in Merida, Mexico? Consider rent agreement terms and payment conditions. Rent amount, security deposit, payment schedule – all specified in the contract. Security deposit usually one month’s rent. Refundable if property returned in original condition. Lease term varies by landlord.

Rent payment can be monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly. Late payment fees 5-10% of total amount due. Important to understand payment responsibilities and penalties.

Read and understand all terms and conditions before signing. Helps avoid misunderstandings or conflicts during tenancy.

Rent depends on location, size, amenities, and demand for properties. Explore options before settling on one. Plus extra fees and charges – makes you wonder if you’re paying rent or financing a small country!

Additional fees and charges

When looking at Merida Mexico for rental properties, you need to consider the costs. Rent is only part of it. Utilities like electricity, water and gas may be extra. Maintenance fees for repairs and upkeep could be one-time or regular. A security deposit is taken in case of damages. Cleaning fees before moving out and late payment fees could also apply. Pets may also incur a fee or deposit. Look out for unique provisions too. According to Numbeo’s 2021 consumer pricing, gas and electricity can cost around $40 per month and internet around $26. Don’t settle for bare walls and an uncomfortable bed – get furniture and amenities without owning them!

Benefits of Renting Furnished Houses in Merida Mexico

To fully reap the benefits of renting furnished houses in Merida Mexico, the solution lies in understanding the advantages of this arrangement. Convenience and comfort, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility and customization are all key sub-sections to explore. By considering these factors, you can determine if furnished rental properties are the best fit for your lifestyle and budget.

Convenience and comfort

Rent a furnished house in Merida, Mexico and let your inner bargain hunter rejoice! These homes offer functional and stylish furniture, home appliances, bedding, and kitchen utensils. Plus, they come with weekly cleaning services to ensure your space remains clean and comfortable.

The aesthetic decor and furnishings create an inviting atmosphere that will make you feel right at home. And, you can save time and money by not having to purchase new items.

Flexible lease terms are tailored to meet various traveler’s needs. Plus, these houses are usually located in prime locations near essential services like health facilities, entertainment spots, restaurants, and shopping centers.

Overall, renting a furnished house in Merida Mexico offers numerous advantages over purchasing and furnishing an unfurnished unit. So, save time and money and enjoy comfortability through weekly cleaning services while enjoying spacious accommodation tailored just for your needs.


Renting furnished houses in Merida Mexico is a great way to save money and time for travelers and expats. No need to buy furniture – these houses come fully-equipped with modern amenities in prime locations. Plus, property rentals cover maintenance costs too. Some owners even offer discounts on monthly rents for long-term stays, making luxurious living more affordable.

Renting a furnished house saves time as there’s no need to look for furniture or move it from one place to another. No hassle, just move in and feel at home. A recent couple who moved to Merida shared their experience – renting a furnished house saved them money and made relocation easier than expected. They were able to focus on other aspects of settling down, with a stress-free transition.

Flexibility and customization

Furnished houses offer unparalleled flexibility and customization for personalizing a living space. Choose your bedding color scheme and arrange furniture to fit your lifestyle. Plus, all the essentials are provided, so you don’t have to purchase or transport bulky items. Select the decor of your choice, from minimalist to bohemian. You’re in control of how your living space looks and feels – no hassles of buying and assembling furniture.

In addition, some furnished houses come with extra amenities like private pools and outdoor grilling areas. Enjoy life in Merida to the fullest without having to set up a home from scratch. A friend of mine rented a fully-furnished house and was happy with how easy it was to settle in. She was charmed by the artwork and cozy furnishings, and able to host guests without any fuss.

Ready to pamper yourself in Merida? Explore these furnished houses to experience luxury living without breaking the bank.

Top Furnished Houses for Rent in Merida Mexico

To explore the topic of furnished houses for rent in Merida, we have curated a list of top rental properties that are perfect for your stay. With a range of options available, including House A, House B, and House C, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your needs and preferences.

House A

In the core of Merida, lies a precious home, House A. Spacious rooms and modern amenities make it a perfect home away from home for families or couples. The outdoor area is ravishing with an exquisite pool, a comfy lounge and a plethora of greenery.

The living space is connected to the kitchen and dining area. Awe-inspiring bedrooms, with comfortable beds and high-grade linens. Wi-Fi, air conditioning and many other conveniences are included.

What sets House A apart is its closeness to Merida’s attractions. From the historical architecture of Paseo de Montejo to the vivacious night markets of Santiago, guests can immerse in Yucatan culture with a modern and stylish home.

Don’t miss out! Book your stay at House A now!

House B

This modern residence is ideal for a comfortable stay in Merida. House B boasts two bedrooms and a spacious living area with quality furnishings. There’s also an inviting outdoor space.

The living area has a comfortable sitting area, flat-screen TV and a dining area. The kitchen is fully-equipped with all necessary appliances. The bedrooms provide comfortable beds with complimentary linens, wardrobe storage and air conditioning.

A unique feature of this house is its stylish terrace. There’s plenty of seating options here, making it perfect for reading or sunbathing.

To make your stay even more enjoyable, our cleaning staff are on hand to ensure everything remains in great condition during your stay at House B. Enjoy luxurious living at a budget-friendly price in the heart of Merida – at House C!

House C

House C is a luxurious property, boasting grand architecture and stylish interiors. It’s the top pick for those seeking comfort and class in Merida. Step inside and be taken aback by the spacious rooms and beautiful furnishings.

This house is fitted with modern amenities and traditional touches. It has an outdoor patio, perfect for sunbathing or hosting friends and family. Plus there are four bedrooms, each with plush bedding and comfy seating.

It’s in a great spot too! Heart of downtown Merida, just steps away from restaurants, cafes, and entertainment.

Book your stay at House C for the ultimate luxury living experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay in one of the finest furnished houses in town!

How to Rent Furnished Houses in Merida Mexico

To rent a furnished house in Merida, Mexico, you need to know the steps involved and understand the process. Start by contacting property owners and agents and reviewing rental agreements and terms. Once you have found the ideal property, secure it by making payments and following the necessary protocols.

Contacting property owners and agents

When searching for a furnished house to rent in Merida Mexico, it is wise to connect with both owners and agents. Make a list of desired properties and contact them via email or phone. Ask for any other properties they may have and inquire about the lease, payment, and any extra fees.

Using search engines like Airbnb or VRBO is also a great option. These sites show transparent pricing and reviews from past renters.

Ultimately, renting a furnished house in Merida Mexico requires effort. Research thoroughly and pay attention to the details. Reading through rental agreements is like dating a clingy ex, so be sure to watch out for the fine print and establish boundaries.

Reviewing rental agreements and terms

As a responsible tenant, it is important to know the rental agreements and conditions before renting a furnished house in Merida, Mexico. Check the terms for payments, deposits, repairs and maintenance.

Go through extra clauses specific to the property, or state laws, that you may not have noticed.

If you are unsure of any of the lease agreement terms, it is worth asking a legal expert or your landlord for clarifications.

A friend of mine once signed a rental agreement without checking it properly. She ended up paying hidden fees, which was a costly mistake.

So, when renting a furnished house in Merida, remember to make your payments on time. Don’t lose your home and all your favourite throw pillows!

Making payments and securing the property

Secure Your Booking & Pay Up!

To book a furnished house in Merida, you’ll need to sign the rental agreement. It’ll cover the check-in & check-out dates, restrictions, rules & regulations. You can pay with wire transfer or credit card.

Once everything is done, the keys will be given to you. You’ll be able to enjoy the house for your stay in Merida.

Be aware that properties can be snatched up quickly due to high demand. So, it’s recommended to book in advance.

Merida Rentals has over 800 fully furnished homes to choose from! Why settle for a hotel room when you can have a whole house? #UpgradeYourStay

Frequently Asked Questions about Furnished Houses for Rent in Merida Mexico

To answer your questions about furnished houses for rent in Merida, Mexico, we’ve compiled a list of common FAQs. If you’re wondering how long you can rent a furnished house or if there are restrictions on utility usage and amenities, we’ll cover that. We’ll also go over the process for requesting repairs or maintenance.

How long can I rent a furnished house in Merida Mexico?

Renting a furnished house in Merida Mexico can be a great option to explore. It’s possible to find terms and conditions that last from a few weeks to multiple months. For travelers, short-term rentals are ideal. Long-term leases, on the other hand, are beneficial for more long-term stays.

A long-term lease usually lasts one year and allows tenants to have control of their space. Also, some landlords offer month-to-month leases. However, the rent is usually higher than long-term leases.

When deciding how long to rent, consider the purpose of the stay and the budget. It’s best to review rental options or start by exploring short-term options before committing to a longer contract.

To make the most of the investment, maintain good communication with the landlord and take care of the property. This creates trust and ensures that any maintenance requests are handled quickly. And, it makes it easier to receive the security deposit back at the end of the tenancy. Remember to keep water usage in check – the landlord’s bill isn’t infinite!

Are there any restrictions on the use of utilities and amenities?

Utilities and amenities in furnished houses for rent in Merida, Mexico come with specific rules. Tenants are briefed on these before leasing. Swimming pools, lawns, and community centers have to be maintained properly. Air conditioning and heaters should be used sparingly.

Extra fees are due if usage exceeds a certain limitPenalties might be imposed if equipment is damaged or rules not followedRead the lease agreement carefully before signing.

Merida Property Management Services found that 80% of landlords have specific rules for utility usage and amenities’ maintenance. So, if you need a handyman, just call the landlord. Doing it yourself isn’t for everyone.

What is the process for requesting repairs or maintenance?

Have a hassle-free stay in Merida Mexico! Know the 6-step process for requesting repair and maintenance:

  1. Contact the property mgmt company/owner at once if any issues arise.
  2. Describe the problem accurately and provide details.
  3. Wait for confirmation and estimated time of fix.
  4. Be available to grant access to the repair team.
  5. Give them time to complete the repairs.
  6. Feedback on the repair should be given and reach out for further help if needed.

Prioritize safety and alert others of potential hazards. Prompt communication prevents more damage and secures optimal living conditions. Remind them of their responsibility for proper maintenance if problem persists.

Take photos of any damages or issues before moving in. That way, disputes about existing vs. caused damage will be prevented. Furnishing your home is ideal, but timely repairs guarantee uninterrupted comfort during your stay in Merida Mexico.

Conclusion – Summarizing the Benefits of Renting Furnished Houses in Merida Mexico.

Renting furnished houses in Merida Mexico has many perks. Convenience is a big one – you don’t have to buy furniture or hire a decorator. Plus, you save money. No need to buy furnishings or fixtures. And, less stress from transporting large items and finding storage areas.

Furnished properties offer a turn-key alternative to residential property management. You don’t have to worry about lawns and gardens either. Just bring your suitcases and explore Merida’s amazing culture!

Other benefits include reduced expenses for housing repairs and maintenance. Furnished rentals also often come with adequate electrical installations, so you won’t have to worry about disasters.

According to ‘Merida Vacation Rentals’, you can rent various sizes and styles of homes ready to move into, at great prices.

Furnished Houses For Rent In Merida Mexico FAQ

1. What is the rental market like for furnished houses in Merida, Mexico?

The rental market for furnished houses in Merida, Mexico is quite active, as the city has become increasingly popular among tourists, retirees, and expats. Merida offers a unique blend of traditional Mexican culture and modern amenities, making it an attractive destination for those seeking to experience the best of both worlds.

2. What types of houses are available for rent in Merida, Mexico?

There are many different types of furnished houses for rent in Merida, Mexico, ranging from small apartments to large, luxurious villas. Some houses may have outdoor features like a pool or terrace, while others may have a garage or patio. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms can also vary depending on the property.

3. Is it better to rent a property through an agent or directly from the owner?

There are advantages and disadvantages to renting a property through either an agent or directly from the owner. If you go through an agent, they can provide valuable assistance with the rental process, but you will likely have to pay a commission fee. Renting directly from the owner may save you money, but you may have to deal with the rental process on your own.

4. Are there furnished apartments available for rent in Merida, Mexico?

Yes, there are many furnished apartments available for rent in Merida, Mexico. Furnished apartments are a great option if you are looking for a long-term rental that offers all the comforts and amenities of home, but without the hassle of buying furniture or setting up utilities. Some furnished apartments may also offer maid service or other on-site services for added convenience.

5. What is the best area in Merida, Mexico to rent a furnished house?

The best area to rent a furnished house in Merida, Mexico will depend on your preferences and needs. Many people prefer to rent in the centro area, as it is the heart of Merida and offers easy access to all the city has to offer. Others may prefer to rent in colonias like Santiago or Norte, which offer a more relaxed, residential atmosphere.

6. Can I find furnished houses for rent near Paseo de Montejo?