Best Tacos In Merida Centro


Tacos have become a must-eat for many Mexican cities, with Merida Centro being one of them. Its robust flavors entice both locals and visitors alike. Here, you’ll find taco stands and restaurants with diverse toppings and sauces.

One popular taco stand is “Los Tacos Charly” in Santiago. They serve savory chicken and beef tacos with generous amounts of guacamole, onions, and cilantro. For vegetarian options, try “La Lupita Taqueria” near Parque de Santa Ana. They have flavor-packed veggie tacos with freshly-made tortillas.

Feeling adventurous? Try “Rosa Sur 32‘s Tacoyaki tacos” with a Japanese twist or “Taqueria Brownie‘s Cochinita pibil (slow-roasted pork).” This Mayan warrior dish remains one of Yucatan’s most beloved meals.

Merida Centro’s tacos are like being kissed by a passionate Mexican sun. Enjoy traditional to contemporary cooking styles that offer an unforgettable culinary experience.

Best Tacos in Merida Centro

To uncover the best tacos in Merida Centro, explore the solutions presented in this section featuring top spots for trying out delicious tacos. Indulge in the diversity of flavors offered by Tacos El Güero, Tacos de Pescado La Lupita, Tacos el Buen Amigo, Tacos Antojitos Mexicanos El Junior, Tacos de Canasta La Abuela, and Tacos Wayan’é.

Tacos El Güero

Tempt your taste buds with their delicious tacos! Here’s the breakdown of prices:

  • Al Pastor: $15
  • Carne Asada: $20
  • Pollo: $18

Plus, they have a salsa bar with lots of fresh toppings. Don’t forget to get a few lime wedges for an extra kick of flavor. Want an authentic Mexican experience? Pair your tacos with a horchata drink. And if you’re a fan of fish tacos, try Tacos de Pescado La Lupita – you won’t regret it!

Tacos de Pescado La Lupita

Treat yourself to La Lupita’s Tacos de Pescado – the ultimate taco experience! Here are five reasons why:

  • Fresh fish daily from the local market.
  • Herbs and spices plus a secret sauce.
  • Handmade tortillas cooked on the spot.
  • Toppings like guacamole, pico de gallo, and jalapeños.
  • Unbeatable prices in Merida Centro.

Atmosphere-wise, La Lupita transports you to an old-school taqueria. Enjoy their signature drinks like hibiscus or cucumber agua frescas with your tacos.

In summer, experience it all outdoors under starry skies! A couple from Veracruz discovered La Lupita by chance and loved it so much they kept ordering tacos.

For the ultimate seafood treat in Merida Centro, tacos el Buen Amigo is the one for you!

Tacos el Buen Amigo

Tacos el Buen Amigo has the ultimate menu for your taste buds. Check it out:

  • Al Pastor Tacos $1.50
  • Grilled Chicken Tacos $1.75
  • Steak Tacos $2.00
  • Vegetable Tacos $1.25

It’s close to Merida’s famous landmarks too. Come and indulge in Mexico’s best street food. But if you’re after something spicier, El Junior is the place to go. Just beware, their heat is not for the faint of heart!

Tacos Antojitos Mexicanos El Junior

Tacos Antojitos Mexicanos El Junior has tantalizing specialties. Check out the prices below!

Specialty Price
Al Pastor $12 MXN
Arrachera $18 MXN
Suadero $13 MXN
Bistec $15 MXN

Their salsa verde is a must-have. Plus, the eatery’s atmosphere adds to the meal.

It all started with a food stall. But their tacos were so yummy, they opened a restaurant.

Fun Fact: Tacos Antojitos Mexicanos El Junior was featured in the local newspaper for having the best tacos in Merida Centro.

If you need a spicy kick, try Tacos de Canasta La Abuela. Yum!

Tacos de Canasta La Abuela

Tacos Wayan’e in Merida Centro are the talk of the town! Famous for their delectable basket tacos, ‘La Abuela’s Basket Tacos‘, are freshly steamed and budget friendly. Fillings include juicy pork, tender chicken, and flavorful beans. Plus, handmade tortillas and free salsa toppings – including a spicy habanero – make these treats even more delicious! Service is swift and friendly, and they sell out early in the morning.

The unique flavors of La Abuela’s Basket Tacos have been around for generations, fusing traditional Mexican ingredients in a modern way. Don’t miss out on experiencing these authentic flavors – add Tacos Wayan’e to your bucket list now!

Tacos Wayan’e

Tacos Wayan’e is the spot for unrivaled tacos in Merida Centro. Their flavors are unbeatable – spiced meat and handmade tortillas to remember. Ingredients are fresh and local. Many filling options – from beef and pork, to veggie-friendly pumpkin flower and cactus.

Something special? Try black corn tortilla tacos – an instant hit with foodies and locals. A family-run business for over 25 years. Passion for perfecting the taco art. Countless loyal customers who swear by their delectable offerings.

Other taco spots? Forgettable.

Other Notable Taco Spots

To explore some other notable taco spots in Merida Centro, we have found a solution with three sub-sections. You can try Taquería La Herencia, Tacos Piedra Santa, and Tacos de Cochinita Pibil El Primo. Let’s take a closer look at the unique offerings that these taco spots have to offer.

Taquería La Herencia

Tacos Piedra Santa is an authentic Mexican eatery located in the heart of the city. Its name means ‘The Heritage’ and it lives up to its legacy.

You’ll find:

  • Fresh, local ingredients
  • Variety of fillings like carne asada, chorizo, and al pastor
  • Homemade salsas
  • Generous portions
  • Friendly staff
  • Affordable prices

These tacos will tantalize your taste buds and make your palate tingle. The flavors are sublime and they don’t leave you feeling too spicy nor too bland. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary experience – indulge in their tantalizing tacos now!

Tacos Piedra Santa

Tacos Piedra Santa offers unique flavors with locally sourced ingredients! Their made-to-order tacos come with premium meats and an open fire kitchen adds smoky char. Try their firm, nutty blended guacamole, made with an oversized stone mortar. Enjoy the Mexican cultural experience with rustic decor.

Pro tip: Add grilled onions and roasted jalapenos to your taco order for an extra taste of Mexico! For a pork-lovers dream, try Tacos de Cochinita Pibil El Primo. Delicious!

Tacos de Cochinita Pibil El Primo

Check out El Primo for some noteworthy tacos! Cochinita Pibil tacos here are unbeatable. The table below has all the info about them.

Taco Name Price Ingredients
Cochinita Pibil $4.50 Pork, orange juice & achiote, plus pickled onions

El Primo uses traditional Yucatan-style prep methods for their Cochinita Pibil. This gives them a unique and intense flavour.

Don’t forget to explore other speciality tacos too! Try Birria de Res from Taqueria Los Gallos or Carnitas from Taqueria Las Comadres. They each have their own twist on traditional recipes. Expand your taco palate with new flavours! Merida Centro proves that you don’t need a beach for a perfect taco paradise.

Conclusion: Why Merida Centro is a Taco Paradise

Merida Centro is a taco lover’s paradise. It offers a multitude of options to enjoy this classic dish.

  • Authentic local ingredients make their tacos stand out. Freshly made tortillas and meats cooked with local spices and sauces make every bite delicious.
  • With many taco stalls to choose from, there’s something for everyone – beef, pork, and even vegetarian options.
  • Prices are just right, without compromising quality.

The eating experience is special, with unique seasonal fruits accompanying the tacos. Homemade salsas and sauces add an extra punch of flavor.

Locals prefer the small taquerias of Merida Centro, over food chains, for the quality assurance associated with traditional family-run businesses.

Q: What are the best restaurants in Merida?

A: There are many great restaurants in Merida. Some of the best include La Chaya Maya, Paseo de Montejo, La Prospe del Xtup, and Taqueria El Lupita.

Q: Where can I find the best tacos in Merida Centro?

A: Taqueria El Lupita is known for having some of the best tacos in Merida Centro.

Q: What are some other local dishes I should try when visiting Merida?

A: Some other local dishes you should try when visiting Merida include sopa de lima, poc chuc, relleno negro, and queso relleno.

Q: Are there any Italian restaurants in Merida worth trying?

A: Yes, there are some great Italian restaurants in Merida such as Lupita, Il Caffe Italiano, and Oliva Enoteca.

Q: Where is the best place to eat in Merida?

A: The best place to eat in Merida can vary depending on personal preferences. However, some of the best options include La Chaya Maya, Paseo de Montejo, and La Prospe del Xtup.

Q: Are there any cheap eats in Merida?

A: Yes, there are many great options for cheap eats in Merida, including La Lupita, Mercado Santiago, and street food vendors.

Q: What is Yucatan food known for?

A: Yucatan food is known for its unique blend of Mayan, Spanish, and Caribbean influences. Some popular dishes include cochinita pibil, papadzules, and panuchos.

Q: What is the best seafood restaurant in Merida?

A: There are many great options for seafood in Merida, but some of the best seafood restaurants include Eladio’s and Marlin Azul.

Q: What is the best market in Merida?

A: The best market in Merida can vary depending on personal preferences, but some popular options include Mercado Santiago, Plaza Grande, and The Lucas de Galvez Market.

Q: What is the ambiance like at La Chaya Maya?

A: La Chaya Maya has a cozy and authentic ambiance that makes you feel like you are dining in someone’s home. The restaurant also features live music and performances during certain hours.